1. This blog is fan-made. We are not Katy nor have any direct contact with her or her staff.
  2. Our personal blogs: Alin, LaurieAnja, Nathalia, Laura  Matheus 
  3. We can’t follow back. Why? Because IHKP is a sub-blog, If we would follow you back, It’d have to be from our personal Tumblrs.
  4. We don’t do blog promotion. Don’t ask for them. We can help you if you need to sell tickets, win a competition, find other fans, etc. All related to Katy, of course. 
  5. You can send us messages anytime and we will get to you as soon as possible. English, Spanish and Portuguese only. 
  6. All the photos we post are edited by us. We do not take them from anyone else.
  7. Candids in which Katy looks uncomfortable or upset, won’t be posted.
  8. We give credit to the photographers if the pictures posted here were taken from websites like Flickr. We have collected pictures of Katy since 2008 and sometimes we can’t find/remember who the photographer was or where we found the photograph. If we post a picture that belongs to you, leave us a message and we’ll gladly give you the credit you deserve or if you wish, remove it.
  9. We don’t post illegal download links, don’t ask for them, unless you’re asking for unreleased music that can’t be bought.
  10. Needless to say, rude comments towards us, or Katy, will be deleted and you will be blocked and reported accordingly.