"With Tumblr, it’s almost like when you go to a city, you have to know where to go to find the good stuff? And so I just started following these kind of random, actually these transvestite girls that were really cool. And then I started following this clothing stuff. And that’s where I get a lot of my style influence stuff, and that’s a lot of what the new video is influenced by. “This Is How We Do” is like, straight from the pages of Tumblr. Although the kids, the Tumblr kids – like, the Tumblr rats – if they were to hear that actually coming out of my mouth, they would despise it."
- Katy Perry for Rolling Stone

18 Things You Learn Following Katy Perry Around

Katy Perry doesn’t have much to hide, and she’s not exactly short on opinions. In hours of interviews for her latest Rolling Stone cover story (conducted during tour stops in New York, New Jersey and Montreal), she held herself back on precisely one subject: her now-defunct romance with John Mayer. (“I don’t want to be rude to him and or what that was, because it always comes to bite me in the ass and I don’t want to do that anymore.”) But she had plenty to say about every other aspect of her life and work, which left plenty of Katycat treats that didn’t quite fit into the cover story.

Discovering her signature, glammed-up look wasn’t a big deal.
"Just someone decided to pay for hair and makeup," she says. "That’s all. I was like, ‘This is cool. My eyes look even more anime now. Great.’ It wasn’t that deep; it was just  kind of experimenting."

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