Just so you all know, here on IHKP we do not re-post anyone’s creations. We find the pictures/videos and edit them ourselves. Nobody here goes and takes someone’s edit and re-posts it. If several blogs happen to post the same photo shoot/candids/promotional pictures that’s just how it is. None of you or us own those pictures. So those who are claiming we’ve re-posted your stuff, you need to chillax ‘cause, not that it really matters much, this blog has been around longer than half of all Katy’s blogs here. And if anyone is ‘victim’ of massive re-posting of edits is us. I go on Katy’s tag and half of the things I see are our edits, even whole photosets re-posted, and you don’t see us complaining about it all the times. So relax and sit down.

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  1. eugenetrepanier said: Its sad that everyone can’t just get along. I always feel honoured when someone reblogs something I have posted. Keep your head up. You do wonderful things which you are kind enough to share with us. Thank you. ~
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  3. imonmymumscar said: thats right … most of the edit blogs are so butthurt about it
  4. pinkunicornprincess said: You will always be my fav!
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